Mixing Magic Mushrooms and Cannabis

cannabis and mushrooms
cannabis and mushrooms
cannabis and mushrooms

Magic mushrooms and cannabis—two all-natural drugs that produce an uplifting and pleasurable experience. Though it may seem like overkill, these substances actually compliment each other quite well and when consumed together under the right conditions, can lead to a more well-rounded experience. Depending upon which strain is used, cannabis can help enhance the whole mushroom experience by heightening the senses and making the experience more pleasant and positive or it can help reduce the nausea that often follows mushroom consumption and help alleviate anxiety.

Though cannabis can provide a high, it is actually considered to be a downer because of its sedative effect. Magic mushrooms on the other hand is regarded as an upper for its ability to energize the mind and provide a whole-body buzz. When cannabis and mushrooms are combined, they have a co-active effect where the sedative effects of the cannabis offset the intense high of the mushrooms keeping the user relaxed and calm during the experience.

The effect that marijuana will have on your mushroom experience depends greatly upon dose, strain as well as genetics. Using a strain higher in THC will provide users with energy and positivity during the trip while using a strain richer in CBD will provide for a more calming sensation and help reduce anxiety and even nausea. Because of the mixed effect hybrid usually produce, using this type of a strain during a trip can be somewhat unpredictable.

When cannabis is consumed during a mushroom trip can also have different outcomes. If marijuana is consumed at the beginning it can provide for a smoother come-up and if it is taken near the end, it will provide for a nice easy finish. If it is taken at the peak, cannabis can help enhance visuals or sensations while providing a sense of tranquility. With this in mind, taking marijuana strategically and at the right time can help ease any part of the trip than you may find unsettling, however, it is important to keep in mind that a strain with a higher THC will have a less notable effect than one with a high CBD content.

If you are a regular user of marijuana you know what your limits are and what dosage is ideal for you and the same also holds true if you are a regular mushroom tripper. If you are a beginner, it may be best to partake in each separately before combining the two. Nevertheless, as cannabis prolongs and enhances psilocybin, it is important to take it slowly. If you have had a negative experience with mushroom previously, it is unlikely you want this experience to last longer and obviously, if you are not in a good mindset, avoid mixing the two or else you will find that feelings of any negativity will come bubbling up to the surface. Ideally, mix a very small dose of each and only when you are feeling up to the experience. The goal is to get the best of both worlds and to approach the experience when you are of a positive frame of mind.


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