Intro to Magic Mushrooms – The Experience

magic mushrooms
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Buy magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms—a powerful drug known to induce a psychedelic or mystic experience involving euphoria, visual disruptions and the perception of altered space and time. Oftentimes there are underlying conditions when it comes to those who seek out psilocybin therapy as these circumstances may have caused tradition methods of treatment to become resistant or non-effective or whose side-effects are too much to tolerate in addition to other stressors.

Psilocybin is 100 times less potent than LSD and is widely regarded as safer than cannabis due to the special care and preparation needed with harm reduction in relation to its use. Unlike other drugs, mushrooms is not considered to be addictive like alcohol or opioids as they do not provide an escape, but rather provides an experience that is too profound for habitual use as oftentimes it can give a user a deep look into oneself that is not always pleasing or an experience that can alter their outlook entirely. Psilocybin can also disorient many users causing them to be less aware of their immediate surroundings so care is always needed to ensure physical safety. Nevertheless, using mushrooms is a serious matter and care is needed to ensure precautions are taken to ensure a positive experience.

Unlike other drugs, psilocybin does not offer a reprieve but rather provides enlightenment on perspectives or aspects of one’s life that is overlooked or needed to be highlighted. Each experience is specific to the individual and is directly related to set and setting as this affects one’s ability to feel comfortable and to relax in order to fully accept the experience. The trip generally lasts from four to eight hours and is dependant on dose and the individual. Mushrooms take about 30 to 45 minutes to start taking effect so it is important not to be overly anxious and consume more if you think the dosage is too low or ineffective. The timeline is generally as follows: come up—first two hours, peak—three to four hours and come down—four to eight hours. It is important to note that the experience comes on and off in waves and does not subside to zero after one high like other drugs and medications. An enlightened and rousing afterglow is what usually follows a trip and a light and relaxing day afterwards is recommended as the experience may be profound.

Extra precaution should be taken for those with chronic mental or physical health conditions as the experience may be riskier and more support before, during and after the trip will be required. Contraindications include heart conditions, medications that may have an adverse reaction to psilocybin as well as other physicals conditions including pregnancy or breastfeeding. The use of psilocybin should not be taken lightly and as with any other drug or therapy regime, research and proper care should always be undertaken beforehand.

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